Andi Soraya

Lately there is a lot of current affairs from Andi Soraya. As you know Andi Soraya is pretty single mother and Indonesian artist and he has been living together and already earn two child with seven years different young actor Steve Emmanuel.

Andi Soraya Andi Soraya

If you serach at google search engine with "Andi Soraya" keyword, your will find a lot of interesting article from many sourcers like;
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and many interesting article, the last Andi Soraya Movie is Anda Puas Saya Loyo Andi Soraya act as rich widow "Madame Tetty Qadi Pinky"

Myths about Living Together like Andi Soraya and Steve Emmanuel

Andi Soraya Andi Soraya

In the last 50 years, more and more people have started living together outside of commitment to marriage. In fact, 60 percent or more of couples now live together before they get married and many others live together instead of getting married. The rates of living together are even higher for remarriages. Many believe that living together is a good way to “test” the relationship, or give it a trial run. Perhaps because they are either wary of commitment or have particular reasons to be concerned about their relationships, many think they will learn things about their relationship that will help them decide whether to commit to marriage with a particular partner.

Andi Soraya Andi Soraya

The majority of young adults do believe that living together helps people make decisions about marriage as well as provides a way for couples to work through issues before making a lifelong commitment. In fact, over half of younger people believe that living together prior to marriage will lower their odds of marital problems and divorce.1 Research, however, suggests something quite different.
  • People who lived together before marriage have a higher rate of divorce than those who did not live together.
  • People who lived together before marriage report that it is more likely they will divorce than people who did not live together.
  • People who lived together before marriage have more negative communication in their marriages than those who did not live together.
  • People who lived together before marriage have lower levels of marital satisfaction than those who did not live together.
  • Infidelity during marriage is more common among people who lived together prior to marriage than those who did not.
  • Physical aggression is more common among married individuals who lived together before marriage than those who did not.
There are always exceptions to any research findings, but there are many studies documenting these important differences.

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