Marshanda Youtube Video

Fantastic Marshanda on Youtube will be next gossips headline in the view days, in the couple video shoot take at Marshanda rooms, and i think the video recorded with web cam. But now the video has been remove by the uploader with "Marshandaofficials Youtube" id, and has a dozen video that average video shows Marshanda sing a songs.

Not only singing, Marshanda also dance. In one of the video titled 'Who Do You Think You Are!' He also berate his primary school friend.
“Gue tahu loe paling cantik, pinter. Gue approve loe kan sekarang di FB.”
In the video clips can be seen Marshanda so peeved, so he vituperate her friends.

So excited, now video-video have been gone from Youtube. Of course ID of the owner is a person who can remove them. The remaining four are now only a video trailer from the 'Kalau Cinta Jangan Cengeng' film and the video clip 'Bernafas Dengan Cintamu'.


An this is some Marshanda quote from the video in youtube
“Gw pengen orang ngeliat gw bukan sebagai ‘Marshanda’ si artis, hidupnya bahagia, kaya, kaga pernah susah, etc. Krn itu salah,,, gw Sama Skali ga kaya gitu… hidup gw ada rusak2nya juga… so im sh…”
This is the two of Marshanda Youtube Video clips ;

Is she use drugs? hmmm.... what do you think?

How to Download YouTube Video

YouTube has quickly become the most popular outlets for entertainment on the Internet. Is a free site that allows taxpayers to provide information or amusing videos for your viewing pleasure. There are in fact the form of information and sites that use this video is their main source. I even saw the inability of sports sites that link to this journal for all how much money you will win today! Although it was not looking for the download, you May want to download movies directly from YouTube to your computer so you can watch them whenever you want.

If you use Firefox browser, do this is very simple. FireFox is already equipped with an extension that can read and download the video directly from a website on your computer. This extension is called disconnect and is under the Tools tab.

If you use another browser and do not want to download FireFox, it is more likely to have to buy a program or download shareware to extract the source. If this route, be very careful because a lot of software that is on the network is poor and can fill your machine with viruses and spyware.

Each program has its own little twist, but more than likely, the steps are fairly simple and only takes a few minutes to get movies to download. Shareware, it is something that can not always be trusted, you're probably better to spend your browser and dragging the files this way. At least you can be sure that you do not risk infecting your computer to do so. You can always uninstall the browser when finished and return to using the browser when you're done.

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