Luna Maya Pose in FHM Magazine

Luna Maya initiated his career as a model. Women who have a 173 cm high dive into the world this role in 2004 through the 30 Day Search for Love. In the film, which also Luna Maya younger brother uterus peselancar national tipi Jabrik role as Barbara, a beautiful girl nan section which is the ideal man. This is the first role as a leader antagonis Luna Maya.

Luna Maya, Sexy Beauty Indonesian Actress Luna Maya, Sexy Beauty Indonesian Actress

Successful role in Barbara, who is also the icon Luna Maya this film back in the Brownies in 2005. Landing in the film director Hanung Bramantyo, the Luna Maya get a small role. Luna Maya first role as main figures are as Mina in Bangsal 13 in the same year.

Luna Maya, Sexy Beauty Indonesian Actress

Luna Maya more bounce in the entertainment Jagat Indonesia, after the film role he Cinta Silver and related digosipkan love with Ariel, Peterpan band vocalist group. However, this gossip directly after retrograde Ariel dikabarkan menghamili another girl, Sarah Amelia, and engaged women. After the wedding Ariel, Luna dikabarkan not yet close to other people.

During his career, Luna Maya has been headline no less than seven films, such as Brownies, Love Silver, Space, Bangsal 13, Jakarta Undercover, 30 Day Search for Love, and the Message from Heaven. Some of her sinetron starring, among others, And You and I, Ada Cinta, Rahasiaku, Anggun, Lights Heaven, and that Sujudku appear on TV subscriptions Astro Love End.

Luna Maya, a former paramour of Fachry Albar, the ad headline some products such as Lux, Zestea, Sarimie, Vitalong C, Bu XL cream and detergent.

Luna Maya, Sexy Beauty Indonesian Actress

Be abreast of the achievements by Luna Maya make it selected as one of the torchbearer in the Olympic event in 2008. Not only the world and the role model that digeluti by Luna Maya. Together and Dewi Sandra Dewi Sandra, Luna participated suarannya donate sountrack in Euro 2008.

Aware that his career in the entertainment world can not be back forever, Luna Maya began to study business. The choice fell on the fashion world. It was a boutique called "LM Hardware" in Bandung and Jakarta.

Although diterpa news was uncomfortable, because of his name dicatut on one porn site in early 2009, Luna Maya is not a broken spirit. Instead, he let out his career with the presenter into the event with music Dahsyat Olga Syahputra and Raffi Ahmad. Pertelevisian career in the world to continue this for a long involvement in the events Extravaganza. Even now he had also began to participate in the world pull brisk voice.

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