T2 - Tika and Tiwi Sexy Duet Singer

T2 is a Indonesia duo music group that formed in the year 2007. Their staff consists of Tika and Tiwi , where both graduate from 2005 Akademi Fantasi Indosiar (AFI).

Both is not champion, but their appearance is enough is known and remembered public. Tika resides in nine position and Tiwi in seventh position.

T2, Tika, Tiwi, Sexy Duet Singer T2, Tika, Tiwi, Sexy Duet Singer

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T2, Tika, Tiwi, Sexy Duet Singer T2, Tika, Tiwi, Sexy Duet Singer

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T2, Tika, Tiwi, Sexy Duet Singer

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