Intan Ayu - Swimming Pool Bikini Lingerie

Intan Ayu, Swimming Pool Bikini Lingerie Intan Ayu, Swimming Pool Bikini Lingerie
Intan Ayu, Swimming Pool Bikini Lingerie Intan Ayu, Swimming Pool Bikini Lingerie

Intan Ayu Profile:

Name: Intan Ayu Purnama
Popular Name: Intan Ayu
Place of Birth: Jakarta
Date of Birth: January 16, 1985

Thoughts on How to Choose a Bikini

For most people, the first and foremost decision regarding bikini selection deals with their budget. However, a swimsuit that fits and flatters your frame is truly priceless. So before you start counting your dollars and putting away your credit card, it's important for you to note that a less expensive swimsuit may not be cut to your frame as ideally as a brand name piece that takes into consideration the complexity of the female form.

Examining Your Body Type

Your body type should be your first consideration in how to choose a bikini. If you're going to bare practically all at the beach, then you want to pick the bikini that's right for you. If you're a zealous gym attendee who excels at spin class, chances are that bikini shopping will be easier for you than for others. However, many women who work out on a regular basis still have figure flaws they want to hide or downplay. Fortunately, bikinis come in many styles that can accentuate your best features and distract from your worst.

If your thighs aren't a showpiece but your upper body is strong and fit, then a halter bikini can really magnify your shoulders, thus drawing attention away from your less than perfect areas. Bikinis with boy shorts or boy briefs can also provide more coverage for your lower half. However, if your legs are your ticket to fame but your torso lacks tone, the tankini swimsuit is a godsend. Do note that apron tankinis will not offer the same coverage and security as the traditional camisole tankini.

Bra top bikinis are best for women with more than ample chests. These sports-bra like swimsuits will hold your assets in while you hit the shores.

The string bikini can either be a real hit or a complete miss with certain body types, so this swimsuit style is best reserved for fit and well-toned figures. Women willing to reveal more skin may even choose to look into the micro bikini or the super micro styles. Be forewarned that the latter two swimsuit styles may not be acceptable for public beachwear and should be reserved for private pool areas due to their exotically revealing nature.

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