Bunga Zainal

Bunga Zainal Bunga Zainal

Bunga Zainal, Indonesia commercial model is also an actress. Curi Pandang CURI is his first film, with Zumarnis Derry and Marini Drajat.

Bunga Zainal also is fashion, and commercial modeling. Fashion modeling includes things like clothing campaigns, posing for magazines, catalogues, ramp walks etc. Bunga Zainal is also to be Yes Beans, Gery Cokluut chocolate, Kacang Kulit Rasa Garuda, Sunsilk Shampoo, Fres & Natural Soap, Vitacimin, Mountea, Komix, and Okky Jelly Drink Commercial model.

Bunga Zainal Bunga Zainal

When the role of popular representation in Ranti dalam RAHASIA after the previous owner headline TIKUS KUCING MENCARI CINTA, ELU BUKAN GUE, AKU MASIH USIA. Including the role the months PERAWAN DESA series.

Bunga Zainal Bunga Zainal

Bunga Zainal also Panggil NAMAKU TIGA KALI movie star, is with Raffi Ahmad, but do not persist. Now that the series star KEHORMATAN 2 and 1001 CARA MENGGAET COWOK, Bunga Zainal also being gossip with drummer Didi Riyadi, also left after a previous relationship with Nicky Tirta.

Bunga Zainal is the younger sister of Vicky Zainal, number four of six brothers.

Same claim is still single but have a special friend. Then mix in one work the same. Relationships between soap opera star Bunga Zainal and Element Band drummer, Didi Riyadi just feel the closer. Come to 20th Bunga Zainal birthday party in Pizza Mahakam, Didi like Bunga Zainal for a special friend. Cuddle and smell into evidence.

While the Bunga Zainal age 20 is part of the stage to be more adult, mature in mental and spiritual be closer to the Creator. For his career, he hopes in this year can get the trust to be able to play long after the film in the world soap opera.

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