Laudya Chintya Bella - Green Dress

Laudya Chintya Bella, Green Dress Laudya Chintya Bella, Green Dress

Irwansyah is touch Laudya Chintya Bella breast. Surprisingly, that happened in front of Bella boyfriend, Ananda Mikola. Rather than he is not angry, Nanda only leaf.

Acha Septiarsa, girlfriend Irwansyah also seen not doing anythings. Enunciated, that thing happened only in LOVE film scene .So its only business.

Laudya Chintya Bella, Green Dress

"At that time I also uses kemben" express Laudya Chintya Bella in Citos. In the film, Bella plays as a bosom cancer patient girl character and must experience lifting.

Laudya Chintya Bella, Green Dress

Beside at the scene fit, Bella do not think Nanda at reside in location. "He only leafing, possibly he thinks that is not actually mine," says Laudya Chintya Bella.

Laudya Chintya Bella, Green Dress

To do this scene, Laudya Chintya Bella confess that she do notneeds permission from Nanda and also old fellow. All these only professional activity.

Laudya Chintya Bella, Green Dress

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