Franda VJ MTV

Franda, VJ MTV Franda, VJ MTV
Franda, VJ MTV Franda, VJ MTV
Franda, VJ MTV Franda, VJ MTV
Franda, VJ MTV Franda, VJ MTV

How does someone become a VJ for MTV like Franda?

MTV does have a submission process, but from what I can tell, none of their current VJs just sent in tapes. They had a notoriety or experience base that helped them along.

If you look at the current list of VJs, you'll see a broad variety of experience on their resumes:

Susie Castillo -- former Miss USA who did some acting and pageant hosting after her own pageant days.

Stephen Colletti -- Part of Laguna Beach cast; transitioned into VJ regular.

Damien Fahey -- Former radio DJ who won nationwide search for new VJ in 2002.

Quddus -- Started as college DJ in Ontario, became known for knock-out mixtapes. Wrote and hosted a show called VOX, finished third in MuchMusic's VJ search. Hired a year later by MTV.

La La Vasquez -- Former radio DJ who got noticed while working at a station in Los Angeles.

Suchin Pak -- Got noticed while she was being interviewed on TV, which led to a hosting gig on a San Francisco station. Discovered a second time in college, which led to the show "Internet Tonight." That led to "Trackers" on Oxygen, which led to MTV.

Kim Stolz -- Finished fifth in "America's Top Model," graduated with honors in government at Wesleyan University in New York.

John Norris -- Graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism from NYU; had a brief stint with MTV in the late 1980s, but left for "Extra." He returned in 1996.

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