Karenina - Sexy Beauty in Sexy Bikini

Karenina, Sexy Beauty in Sexy Bikini Karenina, Sexy Beauty in Sexy Bikini

Karenina Maria Anderson (born in Jakarta, 28 February 1983; age 26 years) was a model, modeling, and the film. Karenina, as usual called, the career of the world model since the age of 12 years. Karenina has shown since small bakatnya. This is seen from the kebiasaannya berlenggak-swing in front of the mirror and kegemarannya difoto.

Karenina, Sexy Beauty in Sexy Bikini

Designer clothing Adji Notonegoro first kiss Karenina talent. When you want to flaunt Adji dress-gown newest design, Adji invites Nina to become models. Situlah from early career professionals Karenina. Not only as a model and modeling, she also became a successful ad stars several famous products, and a model of the video clip.

Karenina, Sexy Beauty in Sexy Bikini

Popularity in the world model, to make a bid to get Karenina berakting. Singles into film debut film. Although only as Cameo, aktingnya attract attention so that the director Jeremias Nyangoen invites Karenina to play in the film, I Love You, Om. Nina in the film as a role model named Nayla sink down into the 'it' lesbian.

Karenina, Sexy Beauty in Sexy Bikini

In 1946, Jacques Heim introduced the atom, which drew the smallest swimsuit. The atom is modified by an engineer named Louis Reard two months later, and the name of bikini, after bikini Atoll, the site of nuclear weapon tests in the Marshall Islands. He named because of the emotion involved, which is like the explosion of a nuclear bomb.

In the United States, people were encouraged to buy bikinis in 1957 when Brigitte Bardot was wearing one and God created woman, and in 1960 with the song by Brian Hyland Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini hit the charts. bikini began to fashion in 1963 with the release of the movie, bikini Beach. Before that, the bikini was not welcomed in most parts of the world, including the United States, and even prohibited the election of Miss World in 1951. Is not welcome because of the greater amount of skin shown when wearing a bikini. Today, the bikini was regarded as common in most Western countries, and is used by many countries, even the most conservative of women.

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