The Virgin Band

The Virgin Band The Virgin Band

Although the name of the The Virgin Band, but the duo is more appropriate. With two beautiful women, Mitha and Dara, The Virgin has been brisk in Indonesia with the single hits 'Cinta Terlarang'. The Virgin is a band that under the Republic Cinta Management (RCM), which is led by Ahmad Dhani.

The Virgin Band The Virgin Band

Dara Rizki Ruhiana or better known as the Dara 'Mamamia' is now changed into the Virgin Dara (born in Tasikmalaya, 9 August 1991; age 16 years) is a finalist Mamamia Show 2008 with a pair Mama Nunung. The step at Show Mamamia stopped at sixth round. Eldest of three brothers pair Ruhiat and Asep Nunung Mardiana have this penchant pool and singing.

Owner name Mitha this much initially interact with the indie bands. Start until the name is known in the Indonesia Music World since Ahmad Dhani drawn her to The Rock formation Indonesia.

The Virgin Band The Virgin Band

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