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Menopause And Constipation - Tips To Manage Constipation During Menopause
Every women, at a certain period in her life, undergoes various sensations like enhanced rate of heart beat, sudden depressive mood, cold sweaty feeling during the night time and also hot flashes. This shows that she is approaching her menopause. She might also suffer from irregular bowel movements. Thus we know that she is going through both menopause and constipation.

Generally, women in their late forties and early fifties suffer from menopause as well as constipation. This occurs as the body fails to generate the female sex hormone estrogen- the hormone is generated in smaller quantities with the advancing age in women.

Menopause and constipation are not the only events that a woman goes through as she moves closer to her menopausal age. Depressive disorders, sudden alterations in mood, inability to sleep at night, hypertension, warm flashes, pain in the head as well as the joints, drying up of the vaginal region are some of the other difficulties that she has to confront. However, all these issues can be looked after. This article is primarily about constipation during menopause - how they are associated, if they take place simultaneously, whether you feel something is the matter with you as one sign is flowed by the other. This article will deal with such issues.

The GIT tends to decrease its actions on digestion of food as a woman reaches the age of menopause and hence this entire cycle of menopause and constipation takes place. Women of this age generally feel quite uncomfortable, the appetite of some increase while for a few others the appetite decreases. As a result of the pain, sorrow, hypertension as well as gloominess, the bowel movements suffer. They choose not to move effectively, thus causing constipation. Often one ends up eating too much and eating all those kinds of food that will lead to indigestion. Some people also acquire the habit of eating incessantly.

Herbal tonics are best if you want to deal with constipation during menopausal phase. They not only look after the bowel discharge but will also take care of your health. It is not advisable to use laxatives during this period as it will be accompanied by severe stomach pain. It is always sensible to visit a doctor and take medicines as according to his suggestion. It is best not to increase the woman's troubles if we cannot decrease them.

Digestive tonics are preferred to laxatives as they work slowly and less painfully. People often suffer from the misconception that digestive tonics are ineffective as they are slow in their operation. Digestive tonics are best for a woman going through menopause as well as constipation because they work slowly and hence do not cause pain in the abdominal region. Laxatives which enhance bowel movements within a short period of time by working quickly, lead to severe pain.

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