Julie Estelle - Sexy Cute Indonesian Actress

Taking off from the ending of the previous Kuntilanak movie, Samantha (Julie Estelle) is now a bad person with evil spirit inside of her. She kills anybody who bugs her - from a cab driver who wants to rape her, to her own friend who's telling her ex-boyfriend Agung (Evan Sanders) to bring her back to the light. Samantha is a girl who is lost inside her own self.

Now, Samantha is being chased by an evil party called Mangkoedjiwo who gain wealth by misusing the dark power of the she-demon. This sect wants to make Samantha one of them, no matter what. Otherwise, Mangkoedjiwo cannot control Kuntilanak, and cannot use that ghost to bring them more wealth.

But Samantha doesn't surrender that easily to her own dark personality. She fights back, supported by Agung.

Kuntilanak 2 is a movie full of bloody scenes, rather depressive, chilling, and haunting. The makers know how to bring the audience into an adventure. The real adventure takes place inside each characters. Samantha's inner struggle reflects to us, or at least me - who sometimes believe that I have a repressed dark personality.

Acting of Estelle is good, as always. Sanders should learn how to speak like a normal human being. Veteran actor Piet Pagau is my favorite. His charisma effortlessly carry his role as the villain. I don't think other Indonesian movies ever succeeded in making a good villain like Piet Pagau's character! Meanwhile, the little girl who plays Yenny steals the show. With more practice, I won't be surprised she's gonna be Indonesian Haley-Joel Osment! Music score is dramatic, but too noisy at times! Some scenes have failed to be scary or creepy, but merely noisy! The movie also needs more jumpy scenes to make the show fun.

Kuntilanak 2 is rather depressive. But I think it is made very well indeed!

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