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Sandra Dewi Sandra Dewi Sandra Dewi Sandra DewiSandra Dewi Sandra Dewi

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Sandra Dewi: Success is a heavenly bonus

For Chinese people, the Lunar New Year that falls on Jan. 26 will be a great occasion to reflect on what they have achieved in the past year as well as to make a wish for the year to come.

Nonetheless, the occasion should also feature a festive celebration, including a family gathering, a lavish dinner and sometimes a barongsai (dragon dance) show.

For actress and model Sandra Dewi, who has Chinese kinship, this year is no exception. With her parents and siblings, she always celebrates the festivities of the Chinese New Year, locally known as Imlek.

"For me the Lunar New Year means the beginning of a new chapter of life. We wish for more fortune and we must purify our heart so that the fortune will come to us," she told The Ja-karta Post on Wednesday.

Sandra, who will turn 26 this year, recalled how her family always celebrated Imlek since she was a child. When she was a little girl, she had to wake up early in the morning and take a bath - an aroma therapy bath with slices of lime - before putting some light cosmetics on her face.

"My family and I celebrate Imlek every year. We tidy up the house, make some cookies, prepare meals for the special day and meet with relatives," Sandra said.

The Imlek celebrations, Sandra recalled, would mean a time to meet and to play with her cousins. She added that Imlek had always been a time to show respect to her parents and grandparents.

"After taking a bath, I would wear a red dress and visit my grandparents. In the evening, my cousins would stay the night at my house. The following day, we would watch the barong-sai," she said.

Born Monica Nichole Sandra Dewi Gunawan on Aug. 8, 1983, in Pangkalpinang, on South Sumatra's Bangka Island, Sandra spent her childhood and most of her teenage years there be-fore moving with her parents and siblings to Jakarta in 2001.

Sandra won public attention after winning a local pageant contest, Miss Enchanteur, and was crowned as Tourism Envoy for the West Jakarta province in 2002. Four years later, Sandra was awarded second place in a "Fun Fearless Female" competition held by a Jakarta-based female magazine.

She rose to stardom after debuting in a local movie, Quickie Express, in 2007. Today, her face appears across the media - on magazines, tabloids, televisions and billboards.

She was also named the most searched artist at Yahoo! Indonesia.

When Sandra was asked about this, she laughed and said: "It's a bonus from God. I can only thank God and share my fortune with others. Everything I have comes from God."

Currently, Sandra is busy with the production of a television series to be aired on cable television. She will also host an infotainment program to be aired next month.

As a model, Sandra has had to pose for photographers as well. One of her photos, which appeared on the cover of the male magazine FHM, could be subject to the anti-porn law which the President enacted few weeks ago.

Surprisingly, Sandra welcomed the law, which critics have said could hamper creativity and limit local traditions.

"I agree *with the law*, because many people have become victims of pornography. At the least, the law will provide legal certainty so that people will not do anything they wish," she said.

On the possibility that her work may require her to expose her body, Sandra said that she would only accept work that she does not think is vulgar. "If I think the work is vulgar I would tell my client. I would refuse *to do a vulgar pose*," Sandra said.

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