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How To Pick Jewelry That Fits Your Physical Style
The "average" body type woman normally is between 5'4" to 5'7" tall. A woman with this body type has the ability to wear a variety of necklace lengths. They are only limited to certain lengths if they carry extra weight or are large busted. To prevent accentuating their figure, stay clear of necklaces that find their resting place in this location.

You will find if you fit into this category bracelets that have more substance and are bulkier look best. Wider pieces are better in this circumstance. The thinner bracelets just do not make the same fashion statement on a larger body type, as they do on a petite frame.

As for the earring selection, there is no limit on the style or design when you are considering the body type. This actually depends more on the shape of the person's face instead of their body type. In addition to the shape of the face their hairstyle should be a factor also. Geometric shapes are highly recommended for this shape.

In the last article I discussed the oval shaped face. This time I am going to move on to the "round face" type. This shape will have more surface space by the ears. It is round at the cheeks. The goal when choosing your jewelry pieces is to make your face appear slim. In order to do this you will need to select a longer necklace. It is preferable to wear one that is from 28" to 32" in length. The woman with round shaped face can wear a variety of earrings. The geometric shapes such as round, oblong, rectangles, and squares will look great. She can also sport dangling earrings and look just as nice.

The person who fits in this category should try to lengthen their face by parting their hair in the middle, if worn below the chin. If the hair is worn above that mark, then parting the hair to the side would break up the shape. Avoid wearing bangs unless they are wispy or messy. The plain straight bangs will only appear to shorten the face. You really do not want to do that.

Ladies, avoid shirts, jackets, sweaters, or other clothing pieces that are made in a circular fashion. This would include rounded necklines. Concentrate on adding more straight lines and angles to your wardrobe.

Happy Shopping!


My name is Amy and I am the owner of The Painted House and More. I am a jewelry maker who makes gemstone and crystal jewelry. Spice up any outfit with a beautiful necklace, earrings, bracelet, or pin. Your fashion needs to make a positive statement about you. Remember, that first appearances of memorable!

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