Angelina Sondakh - Miss Indonesia 2001

Angelina Sondakh

Angelina Sondakh, former Miss Indonesia (in 2001), has made herself look really really stupid.

Cos a while back when she was head over heals in love with fellow celebrity and politician Adji Massaid (both of them are somehow parliament members, stupid I know, but it’s true), she decided to blog about their romance on her blog.

In her now infamous posting, “ADJI MASSAID (The man once I ignored)” she reveals her love for this man.

But she quickly stopped writing about him after he dumped her. And all her readers wanted to know why. But she didn’t want to tell, and so she stopped people from commenting on her blog.

How stupid can you get?

Well, sorry Angie, but he only wanted a bit of fun. And who wouldn’t with a former Miss Indonesia?

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