Amara Lingua

Lingua, Amara LinguaName: Amara
Born Name: Tuwuh Adijatitesih Amaranggana
Sex: Perempuan
Birth Place: Jakarta
Birth Date: 08 Juli 1975

Amara Lingua Biography:

Amara had the complete Tuwuh Adijatitesih Amaranggana name, was a film star and indonesian female singer.

Amara was born in Jakarta, on July 8 1975 and headed the career as the champion of three covergirl the Mode magazine in 1989.

He was also known by the name of Amara Lingua, because himself with Frans Mohede that currently becomes his husband, and Arie Lingua was the group's personnel of Lingua music.

Amara just entered in the world of the film, after Lingua experienced the emptiness. The film that star in by him among them, Cinta Tak Pernah Salah, Cintaku Di Rumah Susun and Ketika Cinta Berbunga.

The daughter Itje Ko- Mara this afterwards married Francois Henry Willem Mohede (Frans Mohede) on December 1 1999, although not receiving his mother's blessing because of the difference of the conviction. Their marriage was blessed with two children, Mahiza Nathaniel Sabharana Arianprawira and Janitra Nathaniel Samawikrama.

Amara Lingua Gallery Picture:

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